Diskitude Drive Space Utility

For the answer of ‘where did all that SSD space go?’. A tiny disk drive allocation visualization utility. A bit quicker to run than https://windirstat.net/ but essentially a similar idea:



Oh…I know where all my HD space went…

Ortho XPppppppppppppppppp


Me too, but if I post where it went, I’ll be banned here and on http://www.secondbaptisttomsriver.org, my socks will all be unpaired, my milk left out of the fridge, all my car tires slashed and a couple of kindergarden friends will come personally to my house to slap me across the face.

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I used to use Spacemonger iirc. Or Total Commander was a good one, with HTTP and all manner of useful tools
https://www.ghisler.com/ Having the option to have 2 windows mirroring each other so you can see what you changed etc

I use WinDirStat for everything from desktop workstations to my enterprise storage, can’t recommend enough.

I use TreeSize, an oldie but a goodie.

I also like that Diskitude is a stand-alone .exe that is 10kb in size. This forum post is probably about 10mb, so I always have a sort of nostalgic admiration for tiny executables.

@Hardtale windirstat is far better and a nicer cube visualization, but it can take about a minute or two (the horror! :slight_smile:) to update with my disks.

10mb for that post??? what? That seems stupid big.

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Its all the Gifs


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Oh the thread. He said the post. I can see the thread being that big.

I was exaggerating for comedic effect. :clown_face: The post I wrote was about 10k, if you include DB storage, so about the same size as Diskitude. :slight_smile:

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