DJI Mavic 2 Pro inbound

Knowing well that the difference between men and boys is the size of their image sensor, having surfed the tidal wave of YouTube review vlogs into the wee hours, and ignoring the time-honored commandment that craft beer and your AmEx card should never be kept in close proximity, I’ve sold my soul to the financial devil and ordered the Mavic 2 Pro / RE Goggles bundle. I guess they had me at Hasselblad.


Been considering building something similar. Interesting to hear how it is for you. :slight_smile:

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Mmm…delicious…! I can’t wait to see the footage! Are you in a “drone flyable” area where you live or are you in some airspace or something that restricts it? It is really nice that I live far enough out in the countryside that I have no airspace restrictions (other than the 400’ one)…

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I wish you could actually use drones for photography here in Germany without jumping a million hurdles. I understand the need for a license, hell I think it’s a good thing but privacy laws here in Germany require a special permit if you want to shoot drone footage anywhere near someone’s property. Basically, the only places you can take photos and videos with a drone without getting into trouble is in the middle of nowhere.

Don’t get me wrong, overall I really appreciate that privacy is being taken seriously in Germany but you can take it way too far.

Not too long ago the adaptation of the new European requirements for privacy laws was heading into a direction where under the new law in Germany, as a normal citizen (in other words not a journalist), you wouldn’t have been allowed to take any photos with people in them without the expressed permission of every single person in the frame. Yes, that would have included public space, not just private property… Luckily that didn’t pass but it was awfully close.

I figure we are only one “event” away from having significantly more drone regulations come down the pipe. What that event might be is probably something like the aforementioned commercial aircraft/drone collision or something like a drone landing on the White House lawn or something zany like that.

I can definitely see all sides of the issue. Drones in National Parks is a hot topic here…I mean, who wants a drone following you up Yosemite Valley or when you are nude sunbathing in a hot spring? As well, privacy laws are probably very local and trying to navigate them from town to town will become problematic.

Maybe not so bad…I lived in Germany for 3 years (Stuttgart). In my travels I found plenty of breathtakingly beautiful “middle of nowhere” places in your country…especially in Bavaria– Garmisch was awesome. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a mixed perspective, as I’m sure that resident pod and boom RC pilot @smokinhole does, being both a full scale and RC pilots. While I make every attempt to meet the letter of the regulations, I believe that it’s more important to follow the spirit of the regs.

Flying drones near our beach house in South Carolina, one has to be mindful of GA traffic below 400 AGL. It happens all the time. And I’ve seen a law enforcement MD 500 buzz a certain county park that is a popular RC area in a northern Atlanta suburb, I guess to make a point. All of us were left stick down. No one wants an air to air conflict. Share the sky and fly responsibly.

On the other hand, I’m not too worried about test flying below tree top level (<100 AGL) in my backyard. Probably not going grab the hand held and notify the tower at PDK. That would be an unnecessary waste of everyone’s time. My neighbors are used to seeing drones flying around my house and I am respectful of their airspace. In fact one of them called me last year to help check out his chimney that he expected was leaking.

For DJI owners, Litchi allows one to fly without the oversight of a well meaning big brother and for the time being, data logging software.

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Yeah, Tom’s Tech Time test flying the DJI Mavic 2 in Bavaria, although he mentions in another video that he pretty much cannot fly near his village.

I’ve been watching too… it is a good drone and I almost bought… the problem with drones, your limited on where you can fly them… IE: not within 5 miles of a airport, I live within 2 miles of one. No stadium’s, race tracks or national parks. (and I agree with the rule, just don’t like it.)

So, for my purpose, even thou I want the latest and greatest… makes no sense to own one. (thou I’m keeping my dji Spark) I can’t fly around my house, (still do), can’t film race tracks and national parks and events I ride too… etc etc

my point of my 2 cents in the post, don’t get one just to have one, like me, most, especially city dwellers, won’t get much use out of them… unless you do go skiing, mountain climbing etc etc… but even then better check the rules. IE: a lot of ski resorts say NO to drones.