Does anyone remember this flight sim video from 2004?

Formation flying from some Russian guys, its very well produced, love the mostly Joe Satriani music too, very big fan of his.

Looks like no Track IR going on here and deffo way before VR, done over a LAN, so good bandwidth right there, we do see some jitters going on at times, but that could be due to old sim code and individual PC specs trying to keep up?

We don’t see much online virtual airshow type flying any more, this was pretty groundbreaking when it first came out though, was really jaw drop stuff for me who was still on dial up at time … or still very slow broadband.

Is it realistic? I don’t know? Sustained knife edge passes, probably not, but really am no expert … for sure I’ve seen the Red Arrows at UK airshows do the heart thing … and I don’t think they were the first to do it either, but to do it in a simulation on a LAN and record it so well, they have my respect for sure :slight_smile:

Cobra manoeuvre is for real I’m sure.

This is still an awesome video after all these years and the music makes it :slight_smile:


Made in LOMAC?

Thanks for posting B12. Yes, I remember it but had forgotten how good those 2D panels looked and how fluid the FM was. The net code must have been working well in that release, unless they edited out any warping. Perhaps flown at a LAN party.

Had not seen that demo team video. 023


Yeah, definitely LOMAC, that looks too good to be Flanker 2.5, the only other thing at that time which it could’ve been with the 27 and 29K.

You can see at the end that a couple of the computers have the LOMAC menu up on the screen.

This is stil my all time favourite… also for the music choices.

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Boy these videos bring back memories. Here is one I remember from way back when.

I can’t find it anymore, doesn’t mean it still isn’t out there though, but there used to be a bloopers video on YouTube made by an early iteration of the Virtual Thunderbirds.


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Old LOMAC videos…! LOL…


There’s a mini blooper roll at the end of the one I posted… Love those guys.

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