Does il2 bos have THE best damage model?



I made another compilation of crashes, and i reckon BOS has the best battle damage of all the comparable games.

I think rise of flight had great damage model aswell.


yup, the il2 series has always been the greatest when it comes to simulating aircraft destruction. Latest update made it even better!


Haven’t checked last update…

i always had the feeling that hitbox were bigger than the plane
many hits were just scenographic choreographic a lot of smokes and explosions (the best i ever saw) but planes kept flying forever while smoking…
ballistic was bad (just a feeling) have to try the implemented one…

So IMHO Box damage model is good but i felt IL2CLOD was superior! (even if incomplete and bugged)
there you could clearly feel that you destroyed what you hit…
I have great expectations for DCS damage model (i heard they hired clod DM programmer)

but again i have just 20 min flight with the last BOX patch…


Yeah, the new update is great!