Don't want to shell out for Steel Beasts?

Only 97 cents for this high fidelity retro sim!


I remember playing a voxel based tank sim - around the same era as the Commanche sim - anyone remember the name?

I used to have that. This was supposed to be part of Spectrum Holobyte’s Electronic Battlefield Series, and they were supposed to tie this into the Falcon 3.0 series at one point.

Just makes you appreciate how far we’ve come.

Ah! I know that one! Armored Fist.
It was from the same people that made the first Comanche Voxel based “simlite” game.

:wink: Hope it helped!
Cheers, Komemiute out.


Yes, that’s it! Nostalgia here we go!

:smiley: I remember reading the Hrdware requisite on The Games Machine and it was 16 Megabytes of RAM!
And me was like: WOOOT! I had 4… on my 286 XT 13MHz…

Ah, nostalgia for sure…

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Now where have I heard that name, Retroism, before?

They did the re-releases of F-117 Nighthawk and F-14 Fleet Defender, among others.

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