DOOM Eternal

If you guys are into nostalgia, they remade Doom (again). My son had been watching this for months, woke up early this morning to get me to buy it. Pretty sweet game. The soundtrack is awesome, graphics are great.

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I love DOOM! I still play DOOM, in all of it’s Brutal glory, and DOOM (2016) is also very much still excellent! I’ve got too much on my backlog to pick up Eternal just yet, but it’s definitely on my list!

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Did they reintroduce the classic cooperative multiplayer?

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I’m not sure, my son told me there is multiplayer, but no clue if its deathmatch or what.

MP PVP only, no coop. :frowning:

I am PUMPED for this!!! When doom 2016 was released I sat and played it through in one sitting friday afternoon to saturday morning and loved every second.

But I am going to wait till a sale for this as £50 seems a bit steep for a short game at this time…

According to Steam, it took me 19 hrs to play it through one time, no MP. I’m not a fast player but I’m not exactly slow either. I don’t consider 19 hrs a short game.

Campaign supposed to be a lot longer this time around.

Really capture the feel of Doom…and Quake II for that matter.

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Well bleep that then. :roll_eyes:

I dont consider it a short game either. But on my steam stats I have 13 hours and I played a few multiplayer matches and went back to attempt the first few levels on nightmare so I ploughed through it pretty quickly. So I’m going to wait this time and not pay full price