Doubts, doubts, doubts... Intel, Ryzen or wait? new cpu+mobo+ram

I’m torn.
In last months i’ve gone VR with an Odissey + supported by an rtx 2070.

My cpu is still and old i7 2600k custom liquid cooled, stable (on gaming) @4,8ghz…
It still works great everywhere else than flight sims…

On flight sims DCS and IL2 it’s CPU capped with GPU sitting at 50%…

Which means online 40-45 fps down low in Caucasus
and 30-20 in Normandy or Caucasus with cloud layer… A so and so experience…

My options:
Going Ryzen, great cpu and can upgrade it till 2020 with new cpu generations and am4 socket. But, may be, lacking the single thread punch i’m needing to get big improvements in vr…

Going Intel z-390 chip with expensive 9700k, mid 9600k or cheap (4 core?) 8350 and in case upgrade it to a 9700/9900 in a year or 2 if games gets vulkan and multicore support… (i have no idea if high end 9000cpus will drop prices in 2 years…)

NB for both options i would buy 4x8gb 3200/3600 fast samsung b die ram

Third option, wait and suffer 3-4 months for next Ryzen generation… and then decide…

PS if you haven’t done this already check this IL2 thread with user benchmarks in VR Measuring rig performance: Common Baseline (for IL-2 v3.010) - Virtual Reality and VR Controllers - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum

also good reading on Ryzen Pilotasso experience in DCS

I’m an intel guy myself. The ryzen stuff seems like a great chip, but I switched to intel with an i5-6600k and haven’t looked back. Overclocked i5s are a great cost to performance choice for gaming. And if you feel the need, you can always throw the i7 equivalent in on the same board.

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DCSW doesn’t use many cores anyway (I think 2 or 3, not 100% sure) so a reasonable fast i5 (8600K comes to mind) should be pretty decent for DCSW.


Few games are multicore optimized beyond 4 cores. They utilize it a little bit during loading scenarios then drop down to as few as 2 for actual game play.
That’s why I’ve preferred Intel CPUs since the Core2Duo days, because of the better single-thread performance.

That said, spend enough on a Ryzen and you’ll probably not notice much difference. In other words, expensive CPU from either camp will work great, but when you start cutting back on the price the AMD will show the strain before the Intel at a given pricepoint.

From what I’ve read, the i5-9600k will be a good step up from the 2600k. I had that same CPU until I went to a 6700k a couple of years back, I’m still running it because I’m not sure I will see a big enough difference going to a 9x00 to justify the cost. I’m going to upgrade my GTX1070 this year, but I will do the CPU next year and see whether the next gen Ryzen makes it worthwhile switching or go to whatever Intel makes…i9-10700K? :thinking:

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