Dreamfoil Creations S300CBi for XP

Isn’t this what Vietnam era US Army pilots trained in? Regardless, I’m all over it after owning their Bell 407. Great work from these guys. They kind of remind me of DreamFleet during the FX9 era with all of the extras and attention to detail.


That is one gorgeous machine, I love the sounds it makes! Although they didn’t need to do the battlefield like music over the flying scenes :wink:

Agreed @TheAlmightySnark. A bit dramatic, but the aircraft sound is amazing. He links the scenery in the comments, http://hawaii-photoreal.com/.

They trained on Hughes Model 269, designated TH-55 Osage. The 300CBi is just an upgraded and larger version. It also does away with that old cantankerous carburetor and joins the 1990s with a fuel injected engine!

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I made a quick video trying out the Schweizer 300CBi at CZST. There are two places where I advance the video, because the fame rate dropped suddenly. Probably capturing with Fraps at 30 fps and flying in such dense scenery was a bit more than my 980GTX could handle. This little helicopter is a blast to fly. If you can handle the R-22 beta in XP, then this will be just a wee bit more stable. They are quite similar though.

Very thorough helisimmer.com review.


I’ve been trying to make a sentence and fit that word in it for faaaaar too long. Kudos for making it. :wink:

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I don’t think there’s a more apt description of carburetors, to be fair. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just a heads-up, there has been a 4k panel released I’ve been trying it out with the same freeware Hawaii Photo Real Molokai in the video above. I have to say that the scenery is really spectacular. Unedited screens below.


I think they learned in a Hiller or something if I’m not mistaken (I seem to be dragging that from my Chickenhawk memory…but that could be wrong). But similar in design. Definitely will pick this one up…Dreamfoil makes good stuff.

This guy does a pretty good (IMO) walk-around and cold n dark startup.

Yeah, I think that he did mention the Hiller. It looks like US Army used an earlier variant of the Schweizer 300, the Hughes 269 to replace the Hiller OH-23 in 1964.

Wikipedia states that over 60,000 US Army pilots trained in the TH-55 (Schweizer 300) from 1964-1988.

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