Drunk maverick is Drunk

Me and a buddy where doing some SADL/target sharing refreshers when his Mav shot did something funny, not sure if it just got confused at some point and lost lock, or if it actually hit one of the wires on the tower (which would be pretty cool if that was the case)… what does everyone think?

I’m gonna go with wire hit/deflection. It looks like that and I think that the flight dynamics of the missile are modeled. The developers could tell.

looks like it lost lock and self destructed.

I doubt that a Mav should be able to pull 15g, not at that phase of flight anyway. Looks like a bug (maybe it’s desync related?).

Its possible, it was a client shot, I was the host. Just weird that it seems right at the point of the tower that it diverted, and we didnt have any other issues that night, had another miss, but it was just a straight miss…

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Had this been on the NTTR map I might have thought that as well :smiley:

I paused the Mav a few times and it looked to go past the wires. At 138’ there’s a frame where the tank has a double image as the Mav deflects upward. I think it is a bug.


Have you seen this little bug? Or a feature :wink:

(1.5) Hawk’s Max Speed Way Too High in “Intercept” Mission

It very well could be a bug, but I need to see if I can reproduce it, so far I havent seen anything like it…