It’s a fun little rogue-like game, that captures the Alien movies horror perfectly.
You’re a drone operator on a single crew spaceship, exploring a universe unnatural empty of humanity.
Something has gone terrible wrong and your left with piecing together the dots by salvaging ships and stations, traveling the universe alone with your drones.
I haven’t played enough, to know if you encounter other humans or not. I usually die before I get to the third or fourth system. It can be frustratingly hard, and I’ve rage quit a couple of times. But I keep getting back into it, trying to master it.


Watching the video couldn’t help but notice the similarity to Cryptark, although this seems more action oriented I suppose.

Thats much more action oriented! Duskers is more suspenseful, you’d rather want to avoid contact. As not everyone is as lucky as Scott Manley and have a turret to kill with

Rouge is this.

Rogue is this.

Which one you meant?

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That looks like a really cool laptop game. I was waiting, waiting for Luke to do something cool…LOL…