Dutch guy looking for upgrades

I’ll kick it off then :slight_smile:

I want to upgrade some of my stuff, mostly the input devices.

I’d be happy to provide a good and caring home for:

A virpil T50CM joystick base to replace the thrustmaster one.
A high quality rudder pedal with toe brakes to replace my crappy saitek ones.
A VR headset that improves upon my Rift CV1.

I can’t buy the entire list at once, at least, not at reasonable prices. If you have anything that’s on my shopping list, please make an offer and let’s strike a deal!


Schurem … I’ll have my Crosswind pedals V2 up for sale here soon, the light grey ones, just give me a week or so please, they are as new, bought them second hand on Ebay from a UK pilot who wanted to use them for home training but passed before they arrived. I won with a buy it now bid, they arrived in box and were unopened and essentially brand new, not used them much myself, postage will be a bit depending on where you live, cant remember what I paid or what they are worth now, but wont rip you or anyone off … I’ll post them for sale soon, week or so though … really smooth great pedals but prefer the combat style :mudspike:

EDIT: Mine are the V2 light grey ones, not graphite black ones.


I got mine last year and they’re worth every damn cent!
A fine addition to anyone’s cockpit.


What does that mean? What is the difference? BFM is my game, they’d have to be appropriate for that :wink:

I am not in a hurry, an am quite certain we’ll be able to strike a deal. Cheers!

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I guess combat style means, the look of a real F-16 Jet rudders or the New Thrustmaster TPM pedals … at least thats my definition :slight_smile:

MFG have said they will produce Combat style foot pedals for these rudders.

The MFG Crosswinds look more like WW2 109 or 190 pedals to me, nothing wrong with that either and it works both ways for jets and even WW1 … I really like to keep the balls of my feet on the floor for my TPM and depress the toe brake pedals with my toe’s, for the Crosswinds, you might need to put your whole foot on the pedals, so long as you adjust for foot length and reach during all axis movements and be able to depress the brake pedals without stretching your legs and in comfort, its all really good, just different styles :slight_smile:

They are super accurate, super smooth, well recommended by community members.

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I looked them up and I really want them. I’ll be wrestling my Turkey just fine with them!


A week or so Pal and I’ll give a price, you are in Holland right, need to take them down to Post Office for weighing, gimme a week tops please, won’t be out and about for a while, full of the flu :frowning:

We can consider these provisionally sold though … won’t charge the earth, :mudspike:


Not to pile on top of things but I’ve used them this past weekend to fly the Tomcat (if that’s the Turkey you’re talking about) and it’s a joy.
As @B12 says the toe brakes do have a long throw and they are angled enough that you get the best of them by having a upright seated position… but the MFG are also highly customisable and with a bit of care and a hex key you can change the angle of pedals and toe brake to suit your needs!
(if it’s not clear hit me up with private messages I’ll be glad to provide photographic references)


Looking forward to setting these up. They look perfect to me.

Get well @B12!


PM sent Schurem, lets do this :mudspike:

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PM received, deal’s struck. Let’s do this! :mudspike:


Yay!!! Its working!!!


A big, heavy, very thoroughly packed package arrived just now. Contained within are the last set of pedals I’ll ever need. Cheers @B12!


We all started like that… :wink:


Yeah I though the same when I first got my warthog, but that gimbal has got to go.


Thanks Schurem, glad they arrived safe and sound, enjoy, thanks too for your instant payment and helping make it a smooth transaction :mudspike:

If all transactions on our Mudspike marketplace go as nice as this one, I dont think I need or want another source for used hardware :slight_smile:

Anybody want a crappy saitek combat rudder? I’ll let go of it cheaply and make an effort to clean it lol.


Better than a TM T flight in your opinion? I quite like my t flights but they are extremely sensitive for the first 10 or so degrees and deadzone adjustments just seem to move this sensitivity out a bit

I can’t compare as I went from Logitech G940 (very crappy) to Saitek. (Barely serviceable) to these smooth and heavy and precise beauties.

The saiteks suffice for keeping a bucking tomcat or spitfire on the straight and narrow but helicopters remained in a state of drunken wallowing.

Now with these MFGs I immediately managed smoothish flight in a Huey. They are magnificently adjustable.

Tonight I shall try if I can finally do sideways adjustments while strafing things with a hog and sturmovik.

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