Duxford replete with Spitfires

Streamed yesterday from Flying Days Season Finale, at 00:09:40 the presenter shows a clip from the previous day with a backseat ride during a 14 x ship display. All Spits! Glorious. If we were doing a MUDSPIKE meet up next year, I’d definitely come over for this.


This is easily organised Dan, regardless of meet ups etc.


I suspect all UK members would be there, and spare rooms/transport made available for our guests (I also have a very big tent! @chipwich


Gentlemen, your generosity is greatly appreciated. I’ve just signed up for the Duxford IWM email list. May I assume that for fans of WW2 air war and Battle of Britain, that the Duxford shows are the one to visit?


I would recommend Duxford then Shuttleworth

Duxford recently fell out with the team that organises the best airshow ‘Flying Legends’. This is now held at Sywell. I have not seen it at the new venue. Famous for it’s huge Balbo that concludes the show. Duxford however has far more to see than just the airshow, and it will all be open during an airshow. Flying Legends Airshow - The Balbo. A stunning formation of THIRTY warbirds GREAT SOUND! - YouTube

If you have a second day available got to Shuttleworth even for a non flying day. Collection - Shuttleworth Events & Attractions


Impressed with the offer of a tent heh! I do have some spare rooms too.

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