E-2C snaps cable..manages to fly away

Simply amazing video…what a sickening feeling…


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They better have given them engines and the new blades a big kiss…

I remember when it happened, we had choppers landing at Sentara Norfolk and news camera’s everywhere.

Yeah, a couple of folks on deck got messed pretty badly. Glad it wasn’t a lot worse than it could have been.

See the guy standing by the F-18 … that cable heads right for him off camera. No chance he got out of the way.

I think it was 9 Sailors brought to Sentara Norfolk, some critical.

That’s what the incident report said. Worst was a skull fracture, some broken facial bones, and I believe a knee injury. Think that might’ve been the one Fridge was talking about.

Bad day, all around.

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I guess they were lucky it happened right off the coast so they had a quick airlift to Sentara Norfolk, and not all the way out to sea.

Assuming the Ship wouldnt be able to handle it themselves,

But every Incident on the east coast from Maryland to GA in the last 3 years has had crewmen and sailors airlifted to Sentara Norfolk.

Not something like that- they would’ve been airlifted regardless. It just would’ve been more involved process with a COD.

Pretty sure I would protest that F grade on the landing though…


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