Ed Force One(Iron Madien 747) damaged During Towing In Chile


Looks like they might need two new engines on that bad boy

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Damn shame. The company I used to work for had a towing incident (on a much, much smaller scale). The pilot was towing a CJ1 out of a hangar that had a slight downslope after the door was cleared. He went to apply some brake pressure on the tug and the tug started sliding, jackknifed and impaled the CJ with a bracket that holds the tow bar when it is not in use. Pierced the pressure vessel (never a good thing)…and obviously required substantial repair.

Really a bummer about Ed Force One - just a small towing mistake on something with that much inertia can be a huge problem (obviously)…

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Ouch? I wonder if that will impact on Iron Maidens world tour show schedule much? They had all their eggs in one basket sort of, they really took the band and big show props with them on this jet, this time as I understand.

Up the Irons :smile:

The link has an update that says no interuptions and thw two tow crew members that were injured will make a full recovery!