EinsteinEP shows you how not to do it

Taking off from Sukhumi in my F-86F, but I couldn’t figure out which radio channel was ATC, so I just pressed with the takeoff. What’s the worst that could happen?

Playback is from Tacview, and has been sped up for your viewing pleasure.


Who doesn’t love an impromptu airshow?


Uh…we’re gonna need you to write down this phone number…

When filing as “Pilot in Command: On file” becomes handy.

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Just write it up…

Was holding short of runway, intending to cross to the opposite parallel taxiway to taxi to full length for takeoff on runway X. As I was preparing to contact the tower controller for permission to cross, the engine inexplicably went to uncommanded full throttle. Due to the rapid acceleration, I was unable to swiftly locate the emergency fuel shutoff valve, so I pulled onto the runway and executed a wrong way takeoff in order to save the airframe. Aircraft deficiency entered into the aircraft maintenance log and submitted to operations. Proper spelling of FRISHMUTH requested upon award of DFC.


Funny, that’s the same name I gave when I called the angry man at the tower.

near hit, or near miss? :slight_smile:

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Depends, Was it a Friend or Foe! :slight_smile:

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