Eject! Eject! Eject!

I like the triangle patches in the third pic. High on the side.

The circular one will get worn by your head (helmet) so I don’t think that is a good position.

In fact, per the theory that sometimes, “more is less”, I would skip attaching it to the seat; think the triangle patches are enough.

That said, if you have a flight jacket you wear with your work uniform, it would make a nice addition as a shoulder patch. :slightly_smiling_face:

… I wonder what your passengers will think…:fearful:

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I’m thinking there, or at the seat part…

Yeah… And that’s the only place to put a single patch like that.

We don’t want them to know we have ejection seats.


looks real, good work!

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Have you considered marketing your ejection handle as a cat trap? Because it works as a cat trap. I’m away from home but caught this on my security camera…

He must have walked across my desk and tried to walk through it… :rofl: I kept watching and after 10 minutes he did spaz out and managed to get out of it…

So I guess now it really IS a Tomcat ejection handle!



That gave me a good bellylaugh! Cats truly are curious creatures…
If I do decide to start an Ejection handle production line, I will pay big bucks for your cat to pose with the product! ”Cats love ’em!”
Totally awesome…!


I love how he is just laying there like…“this is my life now…” The other cat was actually laying there…and he waddled over to her with that thing around his mid-section and was looking at her like “HELP!”…to which she just got up and walked away.


Cat problem solving procedure complete. I love them :slight_smile:


My husky once managed to get a choke chain used for training him looped around under his armpits. He got both legs through it and had it stuck. Couldn’t bend his legs far enough to get it back over his neck and couldn’t get it over his chest to take it off the other way. Had to cut it off. Still have no idea to this day how he managed it. The dork.

Its not just cats. Pets all have there moments :joy:


The Draken just strikes me as an extremely frightening aircraft to fly.


Which is why we need it n DCS! :grin:


More pet antics! posted over on Mudspkie Pets.


He’s just practising. He’s gonna do that while you are flying some day :slight_smile:


I still remember when Kai was just toddling around…he would sometimes find the reset button on my PC…


My two youngest have developed the habit of switching off the power to my router, usually just as I’m doing something time-critical on Elite Dangerous :scream:


I live in constant fear off the sound of small feet pattering closer and then…


The cat whose photos I posted on Mudspike Pets once knocked an entire glass of ice water into my PC and fried the mother board…the glass was placed so that an ordinary spill shouldn’t have been an issue…but we a cat jumps, things tend to fly.:scream_cat:

This cat spent some time in the dog house…as it were.


That snow better melt soon Troll, or you will run out of money lol

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very interesting… where did you find this yellow-black braided sleeve?
I wanted to use a rubber gas hose and paint it with yellow stripes…

First, I took the liberty of moving your post to this thread, to keep the VPC review thread focused on that :slight_smile:

It’s a braided wire sleeve from TechFlex.
Flexo Pet 0.50ss (0.5” Safety Stripe).


If I’d do it again, I’d use a slightly smaller diameter.

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