'El Paso' -- New Hawk Mission, Fun With Hueys

We have a new mission for the Hawk that is turning out to be quite fun. The Hawk is using a Simple Flight Model (I think that is what ‘SFM’ is) and a simple weapons sight and gun pod. When the External Flight Model is released the sight and gun pod will also be upgraded; this info is coming from the folks at VEAO through their channel at DCS World Forums.

So I’ve been messing around with the Hawk and paired it with a Huey for my wingman raven to fly. The new mission is called ‘Hueys & Hawks: El Paso’, where our Blue convoy must resupply Krymsk by driving from Novorossiysk through a canyon that is blocked by Red outposts.

Getting a feel for the Hawk’s weps in this SFM release was trying, what with the current aiming sight. I did something never before in my missions – Unlimited Weapons is On for this one. You might go, ‘yuccccck’ at that! But now I can keep up with raven in his Huey and the damage he does. I don’t run out of guns and can even hit things – which changed the experience from frustrating to FUN. Some Hawk slots have bombs and guns, others rockets and guns; Cold, Warm and Air start slots are available.

The mission is posted on my Wrecking Crew Projects site, and will be hosted on the Hollo Pointe server. You can download a copy, and are free to host and modify all missions posted there.

If you have the Hawk, give this mission a shot. The pass in ‘El Paso’ reminds me of the trench on The Deathstar :new_moon: Oh yeah, watch out for the nasty Igla.

Wrecking Crew

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