Elite: Dangerous Horizons Beta

Just a few screens I’ve shot during the couple of hours I’ve played around with the Horizons Beta.

Oh hey look, an empty slot for an SRV!

(continued, since I can only seem to upload one image per post)

The beta save dropped me in a system I’d explored a couple months ago, so I set out for one of the rocky bodies to see what we could see. Apparently I need the proper package to land on planets:

One hard reset (read: self destruct) later, and I’ve swapped to my Clipper to give this thing another go:

SRV buy screen

My first planetary landing!

Deploying the SRV:

A few shots from a planetary base I landed at:

I still have basically no clue what I’m doing when it comes to the planetary stuff, but I’ll keep taking pictures. As soon as I can figure out exactly where I parked my ship, and how to get my Scarab back aboard…