**Emergency question** 3070Ti

Is a 8GB VRAM 3070ti worth 520 Euros? I have a limited time offer on my hands…
Not Pre-owned

Seems like a good deal. I th8nk my 2070 super 8gb card with $700 usd.

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Thanks man.

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I would not go for an 8GB card anymore. More VRAM is beneficial and has been for a while.


yeah but I don’t go for 4k or extreme stuff, just need to replace a very decent but aging 980ti
I already have new RAM, and a new CPU. I just need the MoBo and a GPU.

In that case the price vs the hardware is a pretty ok deal.

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Many thanks!

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I’m probably late to the party, but RX 6800 XT 16GB are starting to drop below €600 here in NL.


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I did consider something like that, but there was none close enough to where I live.

All were slightly more expensive and I literally had the cash down to the Cent for that 3070ti

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It’s a good card, and at a great price too!

I was thinking of an article I read that tested the RTX 3070 (non-Ti) and the RX 6700XT with older CPUs, and found the latter to be better with an older CPU, even though it scored worse on a modern system. Looked it up now, and the difference is on the order of a few percent though, less than the difference between the 3070 and 3070Ti.

And when DLSS 2 support for DCS is released, your experience will be more than a few percent better. And the RTX 3000 series is also a lot better than the RX 6000 series at raytracing.


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Yeah it’s an okay price. I am however not very happy with the lack of vram on Nvidia cards lately.

DCS happily eats up my 12GB vram in VR and if you look at recent benchmarks, older AMD cards that come with much more VRAM than their Nvidia counterparts, still hold up in modern titles whereas Nvidia cards from the same gen that used to outperform AMD in contemporary titles often can’t even run modern games properly just because they lack vram.

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This is a very good point, and one a actually do personally feel.

That said, I’m feeling less and less engaged in DCS while other, more Hardware-friendly titles feel more appealing.

Also I’m totally ok with lowering graphical settings in DCS, I very much prefer a smooth, immersive experience to plain graphical representation.

In that sense I still haven’t found the time to have some good DCS time… I will elaborate on that further as soon as I have some time.


You see, my point is- there’s a ton of really cool stuff for DCS… and very immersive server… and lots of specific content being crafted- it’s link an art. Look at the Enigma 80s Cold war ruleset… WOW!

But exactly because of that, and my lack of free time, I don’t feel like playing unless I have a wingman, or even a more structured support like OCA, CAS and so on.

I love to fly the Huey- and that’s the main problem- I can’t do much without help.
I feel less like the hero and more like the cannon fodder…
Big part of this is my lack of time- too often some very good people here invited me over and I simply didn’t show…

I truly apologize here to @Derbysieger, @schurem and @Freak … I know I behaved poorly…
I really hope the new GPU will revive a bit my feelings.

Maybe if there was the A-6 already I could have a better platform to learn… We will see.
I’m not demotivated enough to let go- maybe I just didn’t find my niche yet?

I have ideas in mind but…


No need at all. I’ll be flying DCS most weeks and you are welcome anytime, whether you show up or not. I’ll enjoy myself anyways.

I fully understand: I have been wanting to fly Blue Flag, then ECW for years but it is all very daunting to get started with. After flying a few sessions with miRage and MBot though, it quickly ‘clicked’ for me and now I am very comfortable hopping onto ECW and Tempest servers even by myself.

I’m sure I can make it click for you too. And don’t worry about being cannon fodder: I’ve flown unarmed helicopters on ECW a few times. I never got shot, and had much more impact on the war than when flying my regular Mirage F1.

I have spotted Hueys twice while flying the Mirage. Once I lost visual during the turn back to try to attack the guy (was in the mountains), the other time was over sea and he flew low and made it very hard to hit him. I gave up after 2 guns passes.

The shitty missiles in the early cold war scenario make it pretty difficult to engage helicopters, cannons is the only way. And if you as a chopper pilot are aware there is a jet nearby, you can make it very difficult for a plane trying to spot or shoot you.

Also, helicopters don’t show up on the Overlord EWR system, so they don’t tend to attract attention. It’s the A-10s and Su-25s that have it tough, helicopters go mostly unnoticed.

Of course, I would love to escort you and protect you using a Gazelle with a 20mm cannon.


Thank you so very very much.
As soon as I get my new GPU and settle a few things I might get back in DCS


Wtf you on about mate. You never done me no wrong!

C’mere have a hug :hugs:


Thanks man… I mean it.


I get that feeling. As horrible as ARMA 3 is as a flight simulator (helo’s I might say it does alright), it’s really easy to whip up a scenario that feels like part of a conflict or that your accomplishing “something.”

DCS does “bombing range simulator” exceedingly well in the same amount of time. It seems to take me 10 times as long to beat that mission editor into submission to to accomplish something even close to what I can crank out in ARMA 3.

DCS is exceedingly pretty these days but is still very sterile without an exceedingly large amount of work in the ME.


Guess I’m a nerd for being perfectly content doing the bombing range or lapping myself on the MiG-15 nevada instant action dogfight. It’s always the same two sabres, their positioning and “skill” varies a little, but very dependable five minute dogfight. I played that thing a million times and I ain’t tiring of it anytime soon.

I see your point though. In ARMA, putting two opposing squads in (mildly) interesting terrain will make interesting things emerge as if by magic. Air combat is not as easily instigated. It’s due to It’s differing nature I think from infantry combat. If done realistic, the combat phase of a flight should be mere seconds. Highly scripted and planned seconds. A surgical operation, one incision dr Bond, that’s all you get. Compare that to all the decisions, opportunities and chances three thirty round mags, three grenades, a bit of woodland and an unknown opfor yield. Yeah I can see how dcs can feel sterile as a game.


I just love the feeling of flight in DCS. Its not the same in any other sim.

Pulling a sabre off the runway and looking over your shoulder as the ground shrinks is just epic.

Smashing a flanker in a Tomcat is a beautiful thing as well.

Shooting down the tanker that you’ve spent 15 mins trying to refuel from is priceless


I really love to read about all this passion. Thanks guys.