End of 2020 start of 2021 Mudspike Fly in


Its been a totally PANTS year. We can all agree on that.
I’ve just been thinking about ways we can send it off into oblivion and what better way for us all to get together with a giant fly in.

These are notoriously hard to organize. So rather than having a firm date set by me (although GMT is handy where i am)
lets hash out some details and then decide where and when.

Firstly : Platform

  1. DCS
  2. MS2020
  3. IL2 BOX
  4. OTHER (doesn’t have to be a flightsim, could just be the Mudspike Discord for a video chat??)

My thinking is that not everyone is in a position to fly all the time, not all of us have running PC’s or the latest equipment.
wouldn’t it be nice to just get together and crash some planes or just chill out and have a chatter on the Taxiway?
how about some challenges? lets get @smokinhole in a biplane and make him fly underneath upside down @wes while he’s tanking the hornet
Lets make @schurem start in the air with a Tomcat and no ammo vs all of us Sabres and spitfires and see how long he lasts
how about i try and land any of the DCS planes with someone watching?

it might be rubbish but having an “olympics” of nonsense sounds quite fun to me.

or…we just get together and run some missions on hollo pointe? or do an actual Fly in on a civvie sim?

I quite fancy writing a news article for the site and this could be a fun way to start out. I am just trying to gauge interest and get a rough head count of whos available on what days. Nothing concrete just a rough idea of when is best,

if it comes to nothing, thats totally cool. but it might be fun. it always is with you lot.

i dont know how to do the votes on here but just comment and ill set it up. Any mission builders who want to get involved as well let me know. This really shouldn’t turn into the “Victork2 Show” its about all of us and getting all of us together and having a giggle.

Admins, let me know if there is anything else to consider.





In the Arlanda Saab2000 sim the challenge was always to fly under the Gatwick baggage bridge once you completed type training/currency. Did it too. My FO crashed.

Then there are historical re enactments to be tried


I’m in. I do want gun ammo in my kitty tho.


It was only an example. Of course you can have ammo mate. Its the fuel your not allowed


Well it is the last day of the year so if anyone is around we are flying on Hollo Pointe and messing around with helicopters at the moment!


Sorry. Three G and Ts down

Tomorrow! I’ll be on tomorrow! Pass on happy new year to franze as well please @Wes


Happy new year mate! Give my love to @Franze as well!

I wont be joining either, about to hit the sack. Kids are going to be cranky, needy motherlovers tomorrow morning.

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