End of an Era

I’ve been a fan of the Strike Fighters games since the WalMart fiasco in 2002. I’ve bought every title and about 90% of Thirdwire’s DLC, not to mention hundreds of freeware mods. When the last update was released in 2013, I realized the base code was more than a decade old. I should’ve known something then.

The game is now more than 16 years old and it’s been on my hard drive pretty much most of those years. Tonight, I uninstalled it for the last time. Tired of hassling with it.


I’d say you got your money worth on that one. Not too many games last longer than a year or two these days.

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I still have SF2 North Atlantic on Ready Five on my HDD. Will probably retire it when Heatblur releases its Tomcat for DCS.

Talking about the F-14, I also have Microprose Fleet Defender (24 years old!) still sitting on my drive - this one will never go though.


Depends how you define base code Pfunk…DCS started with Flanker in the 1990s and Falcon goes back to the 1980s, all three have been iterations and improvements over the originals.

Have you sampled the single player AI yet in DCS because I remember that being a big concern in SF for you?

I have. It’s not very good. DCS is more of a multiplayer title, kind of like the ArmA series, but with wings. That said, at least it is still being supported. I’ll probably spend a little time getting reacquainted with FSX; I looked into VRS Tac Pack, it doesn’t look like it’s something I’d be interested in. I have CAP2, and it’s still being worked on, just got an update to it on Steam a little less than a week ago, so Ed Scio is still plugging away on it.

Honestly, I’ll probably give DCS a second look. And I know this is going to sound a little odd, but I’m also giving the new Ace Combat game a good look to see what it offers. I realize it’s extremely arcade in nature, but I’m not the typical DCS user. I plan on getting the Persian Gulf map for DCS; I’ve complained enough about new places to fly, it seems rude not to give a new map a try.

I understand that DCS is planning on new FC3-level aircraft in the near future, and I’m very hopeful about that. I have no interest in their full-blown simulation-level modules because ‘difficult’ doesn’t necessarily equal ‘real’. I bought the A-10C module and I consider that a mistake, not because it’s bad, but because it was a waste of money on my part. IL-2’s Battle of Bodenplatte looks pretty good, too. I’m definitely interested in that.

I just couldn’t stomach the limitations of the SF2 engine any more. I’ve spent probably $200 on the five titles and all of the DLC, and after nearly a decade of flying that sim, like someone said earlier, I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it.

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Good for you nothing wrong with seeking out a bit of fun…how most probably started with games like Ace Combat and Afterburner etc.

Very good to see a FC4 especially if it adds to the less complex aircraft types…all the better for the simming world IMO.

SF2…like everything else I leave it for a year then all of a sudden I am back doing things with it…JSF Aggie nudged me in the direction of the Top Gun 1970s campaigns that he has redone - nice bit of A-A fun with the Navy F-4B/J/N Phantoms…still some life for now…

Dont do it! Did you forget? He uninstaled it FOR THE LAST TIME! :wink:

Thanks for playing it and contributing so much to the community. I’m hopeful that the “in the works” redux of Desert Storm again might be something cool to dive into.

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LOL. I’ve covered the SF2 community for years as a online writer, in the end, it’s just a game.

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All power to you Beach - nice place you have here.

The Desert Storm mods were all impressive when they were done and seemed to fit in quite well.

On the above note I will say that in about 2005 I uninstalled Strike Fighters: Project 1 and sold the disk and box because I knew then how addictive it was…my will power was not strong enough to hold out it seems!

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