Even the RAF make basic mistakes at times :)

This is one of our 617 Dambuster squadrons GR4 Tornado’s in maintenance, the 617 squadron is no longer at RAF Lossimouth anymore, the squad has always moved around since WW2 Scampton Lancaster days , but I digress :slight_smile:

Bit of name dropping here if I may, you all know about Ewan McGregor, movie star of Trainspotting, Star Wars ETC, his Brother Colin lives in same town as me near RAF Lossimouth and flew Tornado GR4’s with 617, both the Brothers are enthusiastic Bikers, met up with them both a couple of times, great down to earth guys.

Colin took Ewan up flying in his Tornado once, it made the local small town news here with a bang, LOL … we’re not used to celebrities up here in North Scotland, LOL

Gotta remember balance lads :slight_smile:


Oups! Is that a recent photo? Of the sitting Tornado, I mean?

About the McGregor brothers. They did a documentary about the BoB that was really good.
Also, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but there’s a meme floating around saying that Colin got the callsign ”Obi-Two” after Ewan played Obi-Wan :rofl:


It’s TRUE. It was on his helmet in that documentary and it was still on there when he went up in a typhoon for another more recent documentary.
On a separate note
My wife gets extremely angry if I call my daughter obi-two as my son is called obi. I mean ANGRY lol


I’ll be honest, I really respect the McGregor brothers…

Ewan is a legend to me.


Haven’t seen the RAF 100 doc. I really should…


Yes, indeed.


With the flag you have on top of the sim box you definitely need to watch it. The brothers are Brilliant people


You are absolutely correct…
I’ll go stand in the corner and feel properly ashamed of myself.


They should have stuck some cement in the nose-cone to keep it balanced :slight_smile:


Blue circle radar…
Production Tornado F.2s had concrete ballast in place of the Foxhunter radar, due to the development delays. This ballast became known as the “Blue Circle radar”, a play on words from a British brand of cement by the same name, and the Rainbow Codes previously used for British radars


Blue Badger - truck-mounted nuclear land mine

The mind boggles!


The pics are true and harc back to RAF Lossimouth days when the GR4’s were still stationed here, that’s a 617 Dambuster squad badge on the Tornado pictures.

I doubt any major damage was done, but a lesson in balance learned for sure :slight_smile:

Its Typhoon’s here now at Lossiemouth, also we’re getting some P-8A ISTAR aircraft round about now … about time too, our paid for Nimrod upgrade program was culled once it was paid for, an act of pure vandalism on part of our politicians IMHO, but we wont go there … please :slight_smile:

Lossimouth was going to see the RAF F-35’s with 617 still, but that plan has changed and the RAF F-35’s are now earmarked for a base in England with the famous 617 reforming there for this jet … and fair play.

Colin McGregor still lives in the town, seen him once or twice at the local Library, Ewan still visits from time to time and see’s Colin at the local pub hotel my Sister works at, both are Bikers, good down to earth guys, they really are.

We’re all very proud of them both.

For a bit of levity, this is a sketch someone from the MOD wrote in our local sort of newspaper free handout pamphlet we get each month … I think its cute, scanned it same day, just in case and for posterity :slight_smile:


That could well be true Victor, but a totally different Tornado we are talking about here, these are GR4’s, Mud movers that needed their appropriate nose radar.


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I know. Was just making a cement joke :grinning: bit of blue circle in the front and she would still be on all her feet.

I remember a VC 10 at brize Norton pulling a similar trick in my youth. It was quite the story at the time. If I remember correctly a rear fuel tank was left full and the fronts were drained in the wrong order. And up she went.

I’ll try to find a picture

EDIT: that was easy to find


Youtube vid clip of RAF at 100 that was indeed partially shot here at Lossiemouth.

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