Eye-sight and screen resolution

mm food for thought?


The US Army, in 2012, decided that the standard for video teleconferences would be… 640x480 @ 30fps @ 384k. Because someone convinced a general at 7SIG that her conference was having problems with the phone lines and if we went to IP VTCs then we could go faster.

The original rate prior to the changeover to IP was… 640x480 @ 30fps @ 384k.


…had they only convinced the General that all VTCs were the spawn of Satan and should be relegated to Dante’s 7th level of Hell, I would have supported that.

Once I started to calculate the number of hours I have spent in VTC…specifically GOFO VTCs…it became too depressing, so I stopped. In all those hours, I think there was only about 15 minutes where I was able to contribute something useful and actionable.

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Try being the poor bastards in charge of running those VTCs. We had a bridge, which I wrote a web-based system to manage, just so people could schedule their own conferences without adding to our overhead.

Nobody used it and 7SIG had a bigger better system that did the same thing… That still needed us to run it.

Odd hour VTCs were the funnest, considering you had to be there a couple hours prior, as flag VTCs were picky and if you didn’t check in early enough you got das boot. Then you had to fight with the supervisor over overtime because the supervisor was a dumb- poorly promoted middle manager with rectal-cranial inversion issue who couldn’t figure out that VTC personnel tended to work odd hours because senior leadership often made demands of VTC services that required us to get in earlier and stay later on occasion.

More often than not, the local people attending had maybe 5 minutes of nonsense to add to the conference, but flag officers insisted everyone be there to hear their great speeches. Or, as the devil would say, “Vanity! Definitely my favorite sin.”

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