F-15 (sa)

Cool video…it would be interesting to know how proficient the RSAF are with their shiny new machines… Are these more capable than yours @klarsnow?

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Yes, yes they are.

Fun fact: @Klarsnow appreciates it if you remind him of this fact. often. If you have exhausted the F-15SA, the F-15K or F-15SG are also acceptable.

I suspect training and experience will have a lot to do with how effective a weapons system is :wink: .


Old but still relatable.

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Dad was in Riyadh with MD/Boeing during the early days of that project as liaison to the RSAF. He had lots of good things to say about the aircraft, but at the time, the aircrews had a long way to go in order to use it effectively. One would assume that in the 20 odd years since, that they’ve come a long way to that end, given the turmoil in region along with the US presence.

Edit: my comments refer to the F-15S program