F-22 in the Mach Loop

Apparently for the first time… Hate to say it…but that F-15 looked sexier…


That was a sexy quick direction change by the F-22 at 1:20 in the video :slight_smile:

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They must have forgotten to activate the stealth mode :wink:

Must ask the wife whether she fancies hiking in Wales…

Been flying with these guys, raptors are really sick jets, but the do not have the raw looks of an eagle at all


Nor their ruggedly handsome pilots…(err…according to themselves…)

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I disagree! The F15 is very ungainly to look at - the F22 looks much more sorted. The Su-27 is prettier than both :grin:

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I still think the Su-34 is one of the sexiest airplanes out there. But I’m an A2G lover…so it would stand to reason…


Agreed! I bet it flies really well too…

Oh flankers in all shapes and variety are quite sexy, as is the F-22, it just doesnt have the raw unbridled appeal that the Mudhen has… But to each his own I suppose :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t kick either out of bed for eating crackers.

Hey, the video that followed is an Eagle lovers delight!

That must have been all of the eagles? :slight_smile: