F-35B in 1/72

Hope you guys don’t mind another model kit post. After I finished my Harrier I started an F-35B. Finally finished it yesterday. Made a totally not accurate LHA-6 deck out of cardboard that I literally eyeballed off a YouTube video :rofl:


Hasegawa? If so, almost expensive as the real thing!

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Yep. Only $23 here though. Not sure what they go for overseas.

About $35 US, depending on where you look. Just need to add some crayon marks to finish it up!

Someone ate all my crayons.

(Actually though, I use crayon pastels for weathering effects)


Nice work!
Especially considering the small scale!

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How did you paint it? Airbrush?

Airbrush. The RAM tape was part of the decal set, though. Huge pain to work with to be honest.


I did a 1/72 F-35, don’t recall which kit but they wanted the RAM tape masked and painted. Nope. No way. Not gonna happen. On the downside without it the model ended up being fairly bland.

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I considered painting the RAM tape on this one because the decal colors are totally wrong, but I came to the same conclusion: Nope, not gonna happen :rofl:

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