F/S Intel 9700K, MSI Z390 Gaming Plus EVGA 650W PSU

Hey All,

I am in the process of building a new system and decided to put a post here to see if anybody would be interested in my old system which is only a year old… here are the Parts I have and would like to sell Complete. At the very least I would want to sell the motherboard and CPU as a combo and can part the other stuff out.

So if you are interested in the motherboard and the CPU I can sell just those if you would like.

  1. Intel i7 9700K @ 4.8GHZ 1.290v

  2. MSI Z390 Gaming Plus Motherboard Updated BIOS.

  3. EVGA 650BQ 650Watt PSU…

  4. Coolermaster 212 Heatsink Fan… I think this is the EVO…

I would like to sell all together as the Mobo has a Backing plate on it and the CPU I would like to leave installed as to not get any damage on the Pins…

This system is working 100% and I am currently on it and have gamed on it the last year it runs very well in this config… I am keeping the memory on this PC to my new build but you should be able to track some DDR4 3000-3200MHZ Memory on the net easy you can even still get it at retailers like Newegg and such…

Price is $450USD Plus shipping to lower 48 would like to keep it in the lower 48 states it is easier all around… Because for VAT countries I would put the Full dollar amount on the VAT 450USD!!

So if you think you would want to purchase this from me Please PM me and note that you Messaged me Please… I will try and keep this thread in mind…


I am going to Temporarily withdraw this offer and try to sell it locally but the case as well…

Hey Guys,

I am looking for an honest thought and price check for my Rig:

here is the list and some pics to follow.

  1. Intel i7 9700K @ 4.7GHZ Stable.

  2. MSI Z390 MPG Gaming Plus Motherboard.

  3. Coolermaster 212+ Evo Heatsink and fan

  4. Samsung 860EVO 1TB 2.5" SSD Sata III

  5. EVGA 650bq psu.

  6. Blu Ray DVD Rom burner

  7. G.Skil 3200Mhz 32GB Ram.

  8. Coolermaster HAF 932 AMD Edition. I know it is old but Retro is in… besides it is in really good condition… Full Tower.

  9. Win 10 64bit home

10 Intel Graphics 630 (Because…) but I am hoping whomever buys this already has a decent vid card…

Note to all, I priced out all these parts brand new besides the case (Case just priced on ebay) and the total on newegg was 1,176USD… for all these parts… Now I cleaned up the case and ran a stress Test for 2-4 hours and installed Winows 1064 bit and updated Win 10…

I am wondering what you all think a fair price would be for local pickup not going to ship it…

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I just took it off. I am unable to get a GPU and the case nobody seems to like… I will have to figure something out…

Too bad man. Just hold on to it for a while, it’ll hold value for a bit.

Ya, I think without a GPU it is going to be a hard sell…damn cryptocurrency… lol


OK new Case ordered need Vid card and I am working on that… so this is it…

thank you all.

I am sorry that you couldn’t sell it, but I have to thank you (Or should I blame you? :sunglasses:) as it was your post that made me wanna upgrade my upgrade.

At first I was looking at the Intel i7 9700K, but then I discovered that my MB of choice supports the i9 9900K and that has Hyperthreading and much better multicore performance, which is good for my video editing and 3D modelling and animation.

Happy Simming

OK I just got the 970 GTX Windforce Vid card today and put it all together and put it up on the Marketplace for local sale… Hope I get it sold and here are some pics:

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