F14 Free This Weekend

DCS F-14 is free this weekend. If you havent tried it yet, no reason not to now. It really is, IMO, the most well done module in the sim.

There is an option to play it for free, and supposedly its coming to standalone as well.



The Tomcat even in EA is more complete than most modules, and also of all the modules it is the one that feels most “alive.” The flight model is incredible.


This is the TL;DR from the esteemed gentlemens posts.

Buy it.


If you haven’t bought it, you’re missin’ out! This is the first time the F-14 has gone on sale! A few highlights from the screenshot thread:


Yeah… to add it to my collection of other modules which I have not flown yet and probably will not fly for some time to come still :sleepy:

Guys, where from do you take the time to fly all these great goodies that the devs of different sims are throwing at us? :rofl: I am desperately short of my virtual ‘flying’ time! :crazy_face:


We don’t. We just support the devs anyway so that when we do find the time, the product is even better!


When I find the time, I got such a wide collection that I have no idea which tires to kick :laughing:

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+1 on the buy recommendation. Even though I’ve only flown it a handful of times due to my short term memory trying to hold onto everything Hornet related it is an AMAZING aircraft to fly.

Friends, family, and relationships…these are the three Demons you must slay in order to play more than one DCS module at the same time.



I read the manuals. Chucks guide etc. This normally makes me hyper focus on one particular module for a while. If I use my non sim time for learning about a particular feature or system I normally cannot wait to use that in my free time.
Same with real aircraft. I will go full bore for a few weeks learning until I can fly what I’ve learned then I normally switch instantly to a new obsession


I haven’t gotten around to learning a lot of stuff. Can’t do anything in the F-14 backseat. Have only looked at the viggen, the jeff, the helicopters and the trainers I own.

Hog, Hornet and Viper have a ton of overlap. What works in one works pretty similarly in the other. That makes learning them easier.

Tomcat I found fairly easy to learn (frontseat) because much of the switchology is laid out very ergonomically and/or handled by jester. It’s a fun bird that can accomodate all of your stick and rudder skills. I love it.

Everytime I manage to sneak thirty minutes in the den, I do a quick BFM sortie in either the kitty, the hornet or the viper. Sometimes go gunzo in a MiG or F-5E. That keeps me sharp, and I get a kick out of every kill, even if its vs a dumb bot.


Son, the F-14 is never free…to truly know it you must give it your heart and soul.

(Whoa…I got a little deep on that one…I’d better lie down.) :woozy_face:


Do you need to have DCS on STEAM to try for free the Tomcat?

Says both Steam and standalone. In standalone it should say you can install it.


Oh cool, thanks for that! I wasn’t going to install DCS for steam at 73gb, just for this.

I am so saddened that the usage rights to “Danger Zone” or a cover of it were not purchased as the menu music for the F-14 wallpaper.

…but the Mig-21 was too advanced for me :laughing:


Tried this! Amazing!
Love the Walkman!
Got to shoot myself out of the front of a Carrier.
At my second try, no key set, only axis, I managed to trap a 1-wire. :slight_smile:
I already got my value out of this.


Leave it to Murphy to take out my internet connection during this trial…

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As much as I hate the full-fidelity aircraft in DCS because of their ridiculous level of complexity…I really ought to get this one.


20% off sale is still on though!

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