Factorio Release Day

A big ol 2D factory building game. A while in gestation, but looks pretty cool. Mulitplayer would be crazy.

The trailer gives a good overview of what it is:

Released on Steam today.

A demo here I think (not sure if the demo is on Steam).

I was waiting for the Global Warming Sea Level rise scene…I think given a couple more minutes, we would have seen it…!

I’ve been playing for six hours straight now and all I have accomplished is a crappy power grid and a little automated mining. This is insanely addictive. Not much work is going to get done for the next few days. :slight_smile:

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Nice! It looks like a sort of ‘sim city for factories’, as in build up a supply chain and watch it do its thing - is that accurate?

Nice new gameplay trailer here:

Exactly right. It is the kind of game you could have running in the background all day as you do other things.

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You guys are ruining what little personal time I have left.

Dang you.