Fall 2015 Sale, 50% OFF Everything IL2:BOS!

Actually posted yesterday, 10/25:

Fall 2015 Sale Just Started! 50% OFF Everything BOS!

Fall Sale starts today. You can add additional planes you always wanted to fly - La-5 and Fw 190 A3 - to your account at half the normal cost. If your friends are interested in the genre but don’t have the game yet, please let them know - both the Standard and Premium editions of Battle of Stalingrad benefit from the same discount. Or maybe you’d like to make a gift? It would be a great opportunity to enter IL-2 Sturmovik project since update 1.104 with summer and autumn seasons and the new campaign set during early stage of Stalingrad battle will be released this week.

The discount will be active until 8AM GMT November 3rd both in our online store and Steam. Please note that these two options are not interchangeable - if you bought the standard edition of the game on our website, please purchase the additional planes there. If you bought the standard edition on Steam, additional purchases should be made on Steam as well.

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Without trying to start a flame war, and because I’m seriously curious, how IS BoS these days? I remember Heinkill’s series of AAR’s and while the game looks beautiful, it also looked as sterile as Rise of Flight- but with less objects in any given mission in the world. Has it gotten better, or are there still the same issues I’ve read about for the last couple of years in forums?