Fancy a sim trip?

Tuesday coming. I will be at work to film one take off in the 738 for tv. I have the three sims for the whole day. Should anyone be able to get to Peterborough UK… no charge. Exact time available tbc. I would happily facilitate any mudspike visitors

737-800. 737-200. F4J Phantom


If I could get the time away, it’d be worth the trip to the UK just for that! Hope you have some takers, sounds like fun!

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Grrrr I’m desperately busy all week unfortunately. Its been crazy lately. Might have to take someone else on

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Sadly no one could make it so am leaving forhome. The F4 is broken, a board has died in one of the three pc’s that run it.

The BBC will broadcast it after 1000 BST on Sunday. Also available on iplayer.

NB when BBC are in the cockpit alone the 737 800 is in the hold on autopilot.