So who alls going to either/both these airshows this year? I’m going to be at both manning the F-15E stands flogging Snacko merch and standing around wearing sunglasses trying to look cool :slight_smile:


That’s a really tough gig you’ve got there ks.

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I wish I was going, that’s pretty high on the list of Airshows I wanna go to.

That really makes me wanna go to RIAT, but I hardly think I’ll be able to :frowning:

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I think klarsnow forgot to mention FREE MUDHEN RIDES FOR ALL MUDSPIKES!!!?


I’ll be at RIAT on the Saturday! (And Flying Legends at Duxford on the Sunday; a nice weekend with missus in the English countryside :innocent: )

I will watch out Air Force guys in sunglasses trying to look cool! Can’t be a lot of those around, I guesss…