Fellow addicts

blah blop diy diy … doh … nope no metal health issues here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::point_left:

I don’t even consider myself a “gamer” so no problem here bro.

All I can say is I played (and still play, though not as much as I used to) games because I had no social life.

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I can stop at any given time.
I will start again, of course, but I can stop…
I really can.

Ok, I am considering getting a spare Oculus Rift, because if I should have to send mine in for repairs, I couldn’t stop and start my gaming addiction, which I don’t have, so often…


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Hahahaha I just told my gf last night. If my Oculus dies, I need a new one ASAP. She gave me the dirtiest look.

I fly every day. I do stop to refuel and rearm… what’s the problem?


They say the first step is to admit there is a problem.
So, if we don’t admit to this, there is no problem…

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Me trying to find a fault in your reasoning…

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