Female air cargo pilots video

Not sure if we have a dedicated You Tube channel here for such stuff?

As a frustrated virtual pilot, always admire what real pilots do … and we have our fair share here … much respect guys :+1:

Love the Ladies as much as anyone, but Lady Pilots, well, that spills over with even more respect … LOL, not being Feminist/Male chauvinist or anything, but I do think this Video especially is well worth the watch, back in the day it must have been hard for Females to compete in the same aviation job market?

Things I like about this vid … and I only intended to watch a few mins or so, but as usual got hooked … things I like is there pure professionalism and thorough way they went about things, from start to finish, loved their cockpit sharing how they each went about their careers, also too how the voice tone changed when it was time to talk to ATC.

Well worth the watch.


I’ve watched this one before. Expect for their choices in sunglasses style, they rock. :sunglasses:


I’ve had this picture forever, thread title reminded me -

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