Fired up the Ol Rift

Hi Spikers and Spiketts,
Last week I began seeking some racing jollies. I sat in front of the TV and fired up my secondary rig. It’s a i7 w a 1080. I love the detail of Assetto corsa on the TV.
Since it still kicks butt I put on the Rift. The feeling of presence immediately had me going faster and more competitive. It’s not as good as my O+ but not a huge difference. I’m really enjoying this now.


My point to this post was this, I’m not giving in to promises of new incremental upgrades in Vr at 600 to 1000 dollars a pop. The Rift still looks good enough to play some titles. The O+ is an incremental step up. I need to be blown away by the next Vr review to invest again. So far… nothing is on my radar. Hope to see that DCS Optimization some time soon. In the meantime, I’m happy with what I got.

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Amen brother, preach it!. I’m like a pig in the muck with my rift, homemade simpit and increasingly decrepit PC. All technical niggles fall by the wayside when that merlin roars and those beautiful elipsoid wings carry you aloft to dance those sanctified halls of air and cloud :smiley:


I’m the same. Very late on the vr wagon but now I’m here I feel like to step up another 30 percent I’ve got to invest at least another £1000.

The tomcat doesn’t run great in vr I’ll admit. But the harrier and hip and sabre are just perfect as they are.

I’m a long way off from investing more money.
although I do have a deceased stick of ram to replace. Once I get up 32g again (I was only there a little while) I’m sure I will see more than a 30 % improvement in my pleasure anyway

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