Flight control settings not working in game

I bought the Aerosoft Twin Otter as part of my effort to get back into FS. I had been flying the Cessna C-208 and Pilatus PC-6 recently, and enjoying them very much. I had no problems of any kind (beyond my usual ongoing trouble with entering and flying a realistic flight plan). But when doing my preflight in the Twotter I noticed that I had no flight controls. I went back through the flight control assignment process and everything looked right, but I could not get any control movement in the sim.

I don’t get it. I use a CH Fighterstick and Pro Throttle for flight and throttle controls, and they were working just fine in the Cessna and the Pilatus. But when I tried to go back to them, the controls were inoperative in them, too. I even cleared and deleted everything in the control setup and started from scratch but nothing worked. I’m stumped.

Any ideas?

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Stupid question. In this new plane, are the controls servo assisted?
If I read the situation correctly maybe you can’t move the controls until you have current?

Do the controllers work in windows game controllers?

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Nah, @komemiute, the controllers stopped working for the other aircraft as well…

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Oh ouch. Yeah, now I see it. Sorry.

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Okay, I don’t believe this, but apparently the controls are working properly, but the animations that show control deflection do NOT work. I noticed this while sitting in the Twotter and moving the Fighterstick. The yoke in the airplane moved normally. I thought, no it can’t be. But it was. And is.

There was a time when the exterior control animations did work. When I originally set up the C-208 two years ago, I used the exterior view to verify that I had control of the flight control surfaces. I did not do the same when I installed the Pilatus recently because, to be honest about it, I didn’t think of it. But they worked for actual flying just fine.

So it appears that the control surfaces no longer show deflections in exterior views on any aircraft. At least, not on any aircraft I’ve tried. But the controls do work.

(BTW, the flap animations DO work in the exterior view. Just not the primary flight controls.)


Could it be the level of detail setting?


I’ll check. But I have a fairly high-powered system and thought everything was maxxed out or close to it. I’ll find out.

EDIT: As I thought, the Detail slider was all the way over to the right. So that’s not it.

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Maybe setting it all the way to low, apply and save, and then set it back up to max again (and save again)…?

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Well the easiest way to check that is can you actually fly? Set yourself fin the air and manipulate controls. If no respomse its not an animation issue.

Mars gas named some controls in a super odd manner that makes keybinding a pain, but that isnt really your issue.

Rather than starting from scratch, try resetting controls to default? If that fails, remove the twotter install and see if that fixe sit. I have the aerosoft twin Otter myself and didn’t experience this, so not sur what could be causing it.

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