Flight Model Changes in X-Plane 11.40

The end of Carenado as we know it? :laughing:


Interesting from an engineering POV.

From a simming perspective, do we think this will positively or adversely impact existing models, especially those produced by 3rd party developers?…the “end of Carenado” comment germane

I think it is a good thing.
The values mostly depend on existing parameters and the shape of the airplane. So if it is correctly modeled it should automatically be correct if I recall correctly how the physics work in Xplane.

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In the past significant changes in the flight physics modeling have affected third party aircraft, most recently turbine engine fueling which resulted in instant hot starts, pitch authority loss, and ground effect loss when over the runway. For some reason, the changes seem to affect Carenado aircraft more than others. They are a prodigious lot, getting by with minimal staff. So updating your favorite aircraft may or may not happen within a decade. Always best to check the Carendo forum before doing an update to make sure that your favorite a/c hasn’t been rendered unflyable.

On the other hand, he said exhaust thrust :love_you_gesture:

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In that video Austin describes wake as coming down in “little eggs”. This sounds totally crazy but this really does seem to be the way wake works. I took a video of the phenomenon at altitude where the upper level moisture was sufficient to make the wake visible as it settled below the contrails. It looked like the steam puffs from an old locomotive engine under strain but upside-down of course. Anyway, cool stuff and fun video if you’re a sim nerd.

(I can’t find the video so I guess it didn’t happen :grin:)


In contrast to my original quip, it should be added that they have given us the ability to toggle advanced FM features on/off. A welcome addition for developers, IMO.


I’ve been trying the beta most of the day. In the Hawk and in my fleet of helicopters I cannot see any difference. The new wake turbulence is a rhythmic “thump, thump, thump” that feels like nothing in my experience with wake. I tried it behind both the MD-83 and the C-90 and neither felt very realistic. So clearly its a beta and a WIP.