For the Discerning Intruder Connoisseur

Some things coming out of long hard tubes full of seamen are best left in there. I think this is one.


It’s ok, I explained it in PM. Family friendly site and such.

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Aside from the beauty contest, it wasn’t that bad - safe to read at work. Just basic shenanigans and we had an auction to “elect” two officer to do garbage duty for one day.

The way subs get rid of their garbage is to compact it and stick it into tubes (about 3/4 m long and 10 cm diameter). These tubes are then ejected out the bottom of the sub like little torpedoes. It is a very messy job…two of the “favorite” officers won.

…and we have ice cream.


Jive Turkey actually just did a video about the TDU a few days ago: