For those who have a little extra cash to spend


Hmm…it seems to be missing something…


That looks like fun - until people realize how cold it gets and what kind of sunburn they will get…and don’t forget radiation. I still wanna go though.

One would hope the designers took all that into account:

  • Double (or even triple) panes will keep the temp exchange down so that heated air from the cabin will be sufficient to keep the throned passengers comfortable.
  • There are plenty of coatings to help with UV protection which will protect against sunburn without impeding the view.
  • While ionizing radiation is more prevalent at higher altitudes, cosmic “rays” are actually particles – highly energetic protons and alpha particles – which are stopped by very lightweight/thin masses. Even a “clear” acrylic window will provide a lot of protection from the 27 mrem of radiation present at flight altitudes over a 5 hour flight. This is about the same exposure you’d get on the ground over a year, not counting terrestrial radiation sources, (which you’re safe from up at 36,000 ft!), so there probably wouldn’t be much more risk than taking the flight in the first place.

I would think the biggest risk for this option is cost - that “little” bubble adds a lot of drag to that aircraft form, which translates directly to fuel cost. And just for the enjoyment of two passengers at a time? Don’t expect to see this on a common commercial liner anytime soon!

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I love it when you talk nerdy.


…Or you could just put the bubble underneath the aircraft. It would probably more fun that way anyway, as there is more to see. :slight_smile:

My fear of gravity would kill me! :sweat: