Formatted the PC again, is it worth dual booting with Win 11?

Thought I’d throw this out there, was having wee niggely naggly problems with the OS, partly my own fault in tuning stuff as experiments, used to dual boot OS’s all the time.

Is anybody actually using Windows 11 as a sole use Simulation platform with the likes of FS2020 and DCS?

MY FS2020 install was getting flakey too on old system, we are just after an upgrade introducing more bugs as expected :slight_smile: There might never be the perfect time to do a fresh install from scratch and lessons and tips learned install of FS2020 for years, but its the GA sim of the future, more good than bad in it!

Anybody using Win11 for anything more than an experiment, or actually using modern and even older legacy simulations on it?

Has the driver situation caught up to anywhere usable and reliable?

With an OS that young and a user base that small, I would not expect any reliability. And change will be plenty.

I dual boot Windows and Linux for decades now, but never two different Windows versions. I’d be scared to mix up filesystems (content and versions) doing that. But that’s just me.

How badly do you need it and how much time do you have? :smiley:

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i’m just curious to test it more than anything :slight_smile:
I’ll leave it for my second PC long over due format for that I guess, keep this one more high end focused and dedicated.


Maybe you could try it in a VM? Those Flight Sim capable PCs usually have a lot of spare RAM.

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Am on 64GB here, maybe …

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