Not our normal fare, but anyone interested in Fortnite?

Kinda tower defense kinda rpg kinda building.

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The interest is overwhelming lol!

Sorry dude.
I personally prefer the likes of Escape from Tarkov.

Is fine! Was just amused at the crickets.

It looks neat, it’s just there are so many games to play. The graphics look a bit Overwatch’y :slight_smile:

I’ve sort of retired using DCS for a bit, which used to be a real time sink, as 1.5.7 in VR has started acted up (I could go back to 1.5.6, which seems to be the consensus) and 2.X with the deferred shading is still a bit crashy. Stellaris now has me in its icy grip.

…early access…

Just need to keep in mind that the plan is for Fortnite to go free to play in 2018.

So this is (rather expensive) early access and I’ve seen some pretty negative reviews so far. They’ve got some time to fix it, but my wallet is staying firmly closed on this one.

Fair enough. Early Access isn’t for everyone. And ya the f2p thing plays in.

I’ve seen mixed reviews. People seem to love the game but the monetization ranges from spawn of Satan to don’t really care. Opinions on paywall blocking late game progress are divided as well

Haha…apparently there is a similar game being put in Rec Room… My son would be so mad if he sees me playing…

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