Freak and FDunne's Screens

@Freak and me flying the M2000C versus Mig-21, after we both got shot down by a Mig which appeared on our tail…


Even though we didn’t actually do any combat, it was so much fun just flying around in this beautiful plane!

Trying to find each other to rejoin is always hilarious in these flights. Maybe we can be trained to develop procedures for rejoining more effectively next weekend? Let’s try.

The iconic “Chevaliers du Ciel” formation:

And this was my attempt at landing in a grass field with gear extended.

Always risky, but it ended well. I should look up how to deploy the newly added parachute.


^This. I know it’s a Digital Combat Simulator, but dang is it fun to just tool around sometimes. Some of my more memorable experiences have been just cruising from one airfield to another, usually with a friend as wingman.