Free to a good home - Janes F-15, F/A-18, Microprose B-17

3 of the classics - if you’re still flying the classics.

I could drop these off at a donation center, but wanted to see first if anyone here would like the packages.

First private message here with your address gets them.





That’s very kind @guod, but have to ask…

To add to this thread… I have Jane’s Longbow 2 and Jane’s F15 classic edition to anyone who wants them, asked a year or so ago, no one did.

I would love to fly Longbow 2 again, but I have no CD ROM slot anymore, my PC’s are all digital. :wink:
And of course the hassle of getting it to work.

That’s a good point. I actually want these packages but haven’t even had drive like that (or even any sort of pop-out disk) for a while now.

There might be a bit of business in mounting them in cases, so of like fishing trophies. :slight_smile:

DCS World, EECH, FSX, and BMS has all my flight time. Then there are the 5 racing sims.

Someone should get good use out of them.

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Done. That didn’t take long. :slight_smile:

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For anyone who has the time and inclination, you can get an external USB 2.0 DVD drive for $25 USD that works fine.

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That Janes F/A-18 manual is fantastic.


Think a Windows 7 machine may run them…Win 10?…probably not so much…one can always try GOG–if they have the game, enter your reg code and download a version that works with Win 10 for free…for me it was a couple of Stalker games…of course, the first sample is always free…then they have you hooked.

In a different timeline I’d like to imagine the whole set of Chuck’s Guides glossy full color printed with ring bindings, with a beautiful cover photo. There is something great about ring bound manuals and flight sims. :slight_smile:

EDIT: So somewhere a bit expensive like does stuff like this. Easier to do that I thought. Not sure the $44 for a 75 page manual is good though… :thinking:

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Good idea about using a printing service.

That guy who made the LOMAC manual had plans for more. I wonder what he would’ve made for all these glorious DCS modules, had he still been with us.

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Those bring back memories. I still have my Janes F-15E special addition collectors box with the giant map, etc. That I’ll never part with. I still have my Microprose Gunship for C64. Again, they all mean too much to me to part with. So many memories.

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@Corsair8X: I totally understand.
Like my floppy disks plus Manual of “Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat”.

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I finally dumped the majority of my old CD/DVD games when I moved 3 years ago due to space considerations. I did keep most of the good manuals, though I may need to revisit that soon as time has proven I really don’t ever look at them anymore.

I never had Jane’s F/A-18, the poor performance reports combined with having iF/A-18E from iMagic already put me off. I regretted it in later years, though. The F-15 and two Longbow titles were among my favorite flight sims of the 90s.

I never had that B-17 either. That’s the 2nd one, right, with the aborted fighter stuff after the MP was yanked? I played a lot of the first one in the early 90s, and was hyped for an MP-capable one, but once MPS dumped MP around the time of the Hasbro buyout I forgot about it.

Unlike some here, I still have a DVD drive in my PC and don’t plan on getting rid of it! :smiley: However, I’ve not used it for a game or even to install any software for that matter in years. It’s mostly music/movies now, last time I used it for games was to install an old copy of No One Lives Forever 1 and 2 several years ago (still two of the best FPS games ever made…a shame the rights are lost).

I loved that sim! And F119 stealth fighter. I still have floppy disc one - I use it as a coster.


It’s actually F-19.

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F119 was the Canadian version. :stuck_out_tongue:



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