Froogle Ends His Channel

Sometimes something you start for fun, becomes a job. One that you no longer want.


Sad but 100% the right decision. There are far more important things in life.


Most of what Froogle said resonates with me. When something becomes like a job and stops being fun, it’s time to move on. Watching his videos of the last year or so, you could kind of tell that he wasn’t really into it anymore, or at least that he didn’t enjoy it as much. I’ve seen it with other youtubers, and I can say that I know exactly how he feels.


Pete put so much into everything he created…I always marveled at his energy and enthusiasm. It takes a toll though. And as we get older…we see that some of these things aren’t just an investment of time, they sometimes insidiously become a sacrifice…robbing time from other worthy things. I’m so relieved that I can let the front page of Mudspike go a month or two stale once in awhile…and get to it when I can get to it. There is a difference in making content at a pace and time of your choosing, and trying to be first or beat someone else to the punch. I don’t know how some of these YouTubers do it week in and week out…it has to be exhausting.

Glad to hear Pete is taking care of himself…I think stepping away will reinvigorate the hobby for him.


Pitty to see him go. I followed him for years and enjoyed what he was doing. Wish him good luck.

He should join Mudspike :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hell Yeah Yes GIF by The Late Late Show with James Corden

This is exaxtly why I always stayed on freeware content creation side.


Being the “first”, and loudest, to deliver anything, is a wide-ranging problem.

Back to my cave…


Where do you think you are going with that statement? Huh? You think what you do is a job? Damn straight it is! Half of us KNOW we’d be lost without you. The other half need to wake up and face reality. You walk away: the sim world collapses and all kittens die. It’s a tough path you’ve taken but life’s a byatch.


The guy was a YouTube flight sim pioneer, a bit of a legend really, great reviews, not afraid to rag on something (the first Rotate MD80 review where he was accompanied by an MD80 pilot and they were a bit horrified at the state of it on release), travelled to FS conventions to report on the latest and greatest, interviewed developers (the IXEG interviews for one), his enthusiasm was infectious but you could see it waning especially around the time of his return to the UK. Good for him to get out of it and enjoy LIFE, especially now he can have one. This way he can enjoy flight sim too :slight_smile:


You can always walk away and look back on all that you’ve achieved Chuck, it sure as hell is a lot more then most of us could have done!

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