FSX AND FS 2004 Planes

Ok… well…I have been playing around with both these titles for quite a long time now.
I have tried to squeeze the most from both these titles as I struggle with the new MSFS. Its a personal thing but for me it just doesnt “feel” right. However I do think it looks very impressive. But I have managed to compile a very impressive library of Planes and vehicles plus scenery and visual tweaks for FSX and 2004 which allows for quite an immersive experience. Has anyone got any suggestions payware or freeware to add to my growing collection?

oh and Ill leave this here for VictorK2 … (fs 2004)


its hard to suggest something when we dont know what you already has.
maybe post picture of every airframe you own … :wink: just kidding :slight_smile:
just from top of my head all time favorite devs are JustFlight, A2A Sims, Blackbird Sims.

very weird thing about these older sim platforms is that the prices of addons didnt really changed with release of MSFS, XP12. few devs lowered their prices like Blackbird Sims but I guess its not common move.

Fair Point Nevo. Just looking for any suggestions as to what, if any, you guys might have owned or loved to fly?
I do like the more Obscure planes though…for instance…


One of my favorites from back then was the Aeroworx King AIr B200. It was probably my first ‘study level’ sim…and that is what I used it for seeing as I was learning to fly the real deal at the time (great airplane)… I have no idea if it is still available to purchase these days.


Me too. Uglier the better for me.

I want an airtruk for DCS


arent you guys Brits? :wink: but yes, its really tempting to try these unusual frames at least in a sim.

I actually joined the FSX club quite late, with Steam Edition. my only payware aircraft were JF Robinson R44, JF DC-10 and FR Zlin526. then I jumped ship and joined X-Plane club.
so I am not in the same league with guys who spent quite a fortune on FSX addons.