Fuel Burn In Sim Question

Hey all. I’m gathering some data here (details would take too long)

Since I either don’t have all these modules (plan to support them however) or don’t have the time in them (or time to fly them all and gather it up) can you tell me what your rough fuel burn is when you are just flying along, enroute. Not in a dogfight or attacking. Going to/from homebase.

This for the SIM, not real life, cus they likely differ. For example I can cruise comfy at M0.78 in the
Hornet at about…shoot, I forget exactly now…around 7500 pounds per hour. So, I’m looking at these:

We’ll call it a “standard” loadout, not long range ‘ferry’ flight but with enough gas to go say 150-200 NM (one way), break some things and RTB. I’ll adjust them over time as I compare them to the AI values, I just need some initial ones.

Any other you use enough to notice cus I’ll put them in there for later reference.

Mucho thanks,