Funky Cold Madeira

Some exciting moments here…


I’m not sure what unnerves me more about this video, the absolutely ridiculous weather conditions, or the fact that runway is a giant bridge.

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This is why pilots should get the big bucks - for being able to safely bring the plane and passengers down in conditions like that (or knowing enough to go around when they can’t!).

Indeed. That is a quite a cool engineering project. It won a few engineering awards for the creativity and implementation…

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Its a little better after the extension, but yeah…she can be a nasty place. Over the sheds, hug the cliff enjoy the ride.

I remember my first time there. It went all smooth and i had that “That wasn’t so bad” feeling going on.

Then once on stand i watched the approach of the next aircraft, there was a building blocking the last bit of short finals from my position. I watched it skirt the cliff, come down finals, then i saw the nose pitch up and the aircraft plummet alarmingly below my site line of the building.

Expletives left my mouth (thank god cockpit door still closed), but somehow they landed off it.

Yeah it deserves respect.