FYI, for those looking for upgraded TMWH slew control...



I did this last night, too. My firmware was upgraded a few months back. I ran the included calibration tool and got a Success result. All looked fine in Windows. It was late, so this morning I will give it a go in DCS.

I also shaved down my afterburner detent so the throttles can be pushed forward.

Good luck on your ustick, Navy!

edit -> all is goodness with the new microstick. The throttle is working super with the new slew control and afterburner detent change.


Two uninstalls, one bootload, and two firmware reflashes later, and it’s all up and running! Success!


That’s some serious giggling the handle there :slight_smile:


Glad you got yours working OK Navynuke, had intended to install mine today at latest, but thats gonna slip … have checked my Warthog throttle firmware and its at latest version, hoping to find time for that this week and in time for the Hols and some serious sim time.


For those of you who have this upgrade and the DCS Hornet, Wags posted that there is some sort of incompatibility with slewing TDC while it is depressed. This is used for the Mavs and only effects Warthog throttles. Some sort of hardware confict.

Is this issue corrected with the mod?

From Matt,

"Dear all,

Regarding the Maverick TDC slew for the Thrustmaster Warthog mini-stick axis, this has been a point of great frustration for the team this week. After testing the same function on other throttle mini-sticks (VKB, Virpil, CH, Saitek, the Thrustmaster TWCS), we only see this issue with the Warthog. This appears to be a hardware issue that we cannot resolve through software (a conflict between TDC press and TDC slew at the same time).

We do realize that this is a very popular throttle (I use one too!), so we plan to make an option of requiring TDC press to slew the seeker. While it will not be accurate to the real operation of the AGM-65F, it should allow Warthog user much better control.

This will require significant recoding, so it may not be ready for this week’s Open Beta. However, we are devoted to resolving this issue. In the meantime, we suggest setting a separate button for TDC press (ENTER) but still use TDC slew axis.

Thanks! "


I believe that bug will be “introduced”, so to speak, tomorrow. We’ll find out then.


Pretty sure Mav Fs are in stable branch now? I can select them anyway. Admittedly I haven’t tried them yet, but was pretty sure the slewing issue was current state.


Yes, but slewing should be improved in tomorrow’s beta. Currently they have a kind of lag or delay that makes them difficult to use unless you steer the aircraft to aim them.


I could be mistaken, I haven’t really been paying close attention, but my understanding is this particular bug is related to a refactoring of how the TDC slew axis works in F/A-18 that’s getting introduced tomorrow. Because as @Franze points out, the TDC axis is currently really stupid for the HUD and Mavericks. If that bug is present right now, it doesn’t effect the DH hat, but I don’t think it’s in yet.


And people say ED doesn’t care about the player base… :roll_eyes:


The Delta Hawk slew control doesn’t suffer from the press+slew input issues Wags described, at least not for me


Installed now, no problems and very pleased with the mod.


So need to get off my duff and get this ordered.


Absolutely recommended.


Finally got off my duff and placed the order for this today. Shame it looks like it will be March before I get it :frowning:


Its worth the wait.


After what has seemed like ages, it has finally arrived!


Ok, installation was a snap, but now I’m stumped as to where to find the Thrustmaster throttle calibration utility referred to in the pdf instructions?

I’m an idiot…link was on the product website.


I just ordered this kit. Have some money, was on the fence due to brexit looming but eh, better spend it while I can :stuck_out_tongue: order #1859 I wonder how long it’ll be before its delivered.


You will not regret the purchase! Mine arrived a little before the site said it would be available so maybe you will have the same experience.