Game Deals & Book thread


LOTSA Bohemia Interactive goodies on Steam…

and Arcade goodies on GOG…


Il-2 1946 is 80% off at the moment at GoG.



Finally picked this up (like I have the time to play it…but hey…shoes…) ($10.19)


Did they bundle in all the DLC? Stuff like the hilariously overpowered Finnish army or the awesomeness of actually Dutch speaking Dutchies! So amazing to find our tiny little country represented in a game, and with proper voicework too. Heck, even some regional accents (yes even the Netherlands has regional accents!)

Wargame Red Dragon is about my most played game on steam. It is great.


SSG sale on XP store… 747s and E-Jets …if you still not decided what to take out to Pago Pago :wink:


I think I could fit some of the planes I’m flying IN that 747 freighter!


Looks like a Steam il-2 BoX sale is on:


Steam Search and Filter functionality is realy bad !

I recomend visit here for all the IL-2 BOX discounts :


Think how much cheaper this hobby would be if we all just sat on our hands for two years before buying anything. I figure it’s about 80% if you include hardware. Anyway, $17 for near perfect sim is a steal. Having put hundreds into the same product I guess it might be fair to say, “you’re welcome!”


I make my gains back on all the Steam game sales where I pick up two year old games for 80% off. Unfortunately…I never play any of them…


I just picked up Fallout 4 for $15 on Steam. I enjoyed F3 a lot, so I don’t know why I haven’t picked it up before now. $15 seems like a steal though.


So you are not going down the Fallout 4 VR route? I’ve heard mixed opinions on the experience…


I thought about it, but I see VR, at least current gen, as best suited to the seated experience. Almost all my VR games involve being sat in a cockpit of some kind. I also don’t really have a large unobstructed play area for ‘room scale’ VR.


I’ve played through Fallout VR. You’ll be ok seated, as it snapturns and has various movement options like teleport. The biggest downside is that the engine struggles with VR, so there’s a lot of reprojection even on the best of rigs.


Crashimals developer is discontinue development and made his game free. Looks kind of fun…I haven’t played it though… VR only…


Looks kind of fun.


Hmm. That could be fun… some high stakes mudspike games.


:ghost: Spooky :jack_o_lantern: Steam Halloween :jack_o_lantern: Sale! :ghost:

Not many flight sims, like people don’t find a 727 analog cockpit completely terrifying?

Also, worth a look:

:zombie: :zombie: :zombie: :skull: :skull_and_crossbones: etc.


Ohh rocket league is on sale again. C’mon, mudspikers, join us.


Bought left for dead about 1 day pre sale… LOLzzzzzzzz