Game Deals & Book thread


I couldn’t tell you actually. I don’t have the Carenado one. If I had to bet though, I’d bet the LES one is more systems accurate, and the Carenado one might be more modern looking with regards to graphics.


LES has been around longer in terms of the SAAB. Which means their X plane 11 version could potentially be a port from 10. That means it could potentially not take advantage of any new things in 11.

Full disclaimer i own neither and am still flying x plane 10.


Going by Carenado’s track record, I think Chris is probably right. Carenado produce great looking, well performing aircraft that are a pleasure to fly, but are not overly deep in the systems modeling. To be honest though, most of the time that is plenty good enough for me, and I have a growing collection of their aircraft.


lucky you :slight_smile:


Yeah…the LES Saab is pretty darn good. Updated for XP11, but probably doesn’t take FULL advantage of XP11, but I do think they added some stuff to make it work fine with XP11. Here is a recent video showing it in action. I don’t think you’ll find the depth of systems in the Carenado version compared to this:


Doh! I think that the sale price has run its brief course.


It will come up again in a couple months or whatever holiday is next… :slight_smile:


$17.99 for Madden NFL 19 seems like a good deal. I probably won’t hop on it…too many other things at the moment. Origin DRM, wish it were Steam, I’m sorta happy with Steam these days…


You guys!

Original Diablo on PC released via GOG

Love me some Diablo. Buy shares in mouse makers! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’m on mobile and couldn’t get that sorted here.



IL-2 sims are on sale right now


Dangit. Which version have people bought? Asking because most of my interest would be in Western Europe or North Africa/ Italy. And of course any Pacific theater.


Kuban has some western aircraft (spit, p39, havoc) but the title you want is the unfinished bodenplatte pack.


Two point hospital is having a free weekend. Think it has already started.


Grid 2 is free if you sign up for the Humble Bundle newsletter…apparently it comes with some free track DLC too…

And if you get the game for free…there is a free Demolition Pack on Steam right now too:



That’s a nice game for free - thanks!


It was a bit of a faff as I couldn’t remember my steam password for love nor money! Had to authenticate and mess around but I really enjoyed the first GRID so thanks for the freebie heads up! Will give it a go and report back :blush:


GRID 2 is a pretty good series for free. The reason they go free is that the music and other asset licenses are expiring and it’s cheaper for them just to give it away and then remove it from the stores rather than renew. Once it’s removed from the Steam store it will still always be in your Steam library anyway.